zispa-logo-1 How to register a .co.zw domain in Zimbabwe

We take you through how to register a .co.zw domain in zimbabwe. The process below will guide you in on the steps of  how to register a .co.zw domain in Zimbabwe. It takes less than an hour.


Choosing a domain name

For a domain name to be useful, it should be as simple and memorable as possible. Very long domain names will cause problems for people wanting to send emails or access the associated website. Try to use memorable initials rather than full names in the case of companies or organisations having long names. For example, if there was a company called “Cheap Zimbabwean Domain Names” they would probably be better off registering the name czdn.co.zw rather than say cheapzimbabweandomainnames.co.zw. However something like zimdom.co.zw would be easier to remember.

Note that long domain names also carry the risk of misinterpretation. Wikipedia gives examples of the registrants of “Who Represents” and “Therapist Finder” choosing the unfortunate domain names whorepresents.com and therapistfinder.com respectively. In such cases a hyphen could have been used to break up the words, eg who-represents.com.

Domain names may use only the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and “-“ (as long as it is not the first character). Underscores in particular are not allowed. Note that capitalised letters in a domain name are functionally the same as lower-case letters, the only difference being in the way they are displayed.

You may check to see if a domain name is available by using the search box behind this popup.

Registering a domain name

The registration process is simple, easy and straight forward enabling you to get started. Make your business official in ZimbabweRegistration takes less than an hour

  1. Visit https://www.crediblehost.co.zw
  2. Search for your preferred domain extension
  3. Create an account on our portal
  4. submit the required information about the domain to be registered
  5. Checkout and make payment
  6. Sit back and relax while we handle the rest